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About us...

Welcome to Vintage Posters France. We have been collecting posters for over 30 years and continue to collect with enthusiam. We can offer you expert advice on the vintage posters that you are interested in. We are located in the French Alpes near the Italian and Swiss Borders. We sell both wholesale and retail. This website specializes in smaller format vintage posters, vintage plates such as the Maitres des Affiches and Affiches Etrangeres, and also Vintage Journal Covers such as the Estampe Moderne, L'Illustration, Scena Illustrata, Soleil du Dimanche and many more. We aren traveling constantly searching out excellent deals for our customers who return and return again. Each poster we sell is guaranteed to be an original and authentic printing. We speak English, Italian and French. We ship by Fedex, UPS, DHL or the shipper of your preference, insured, and you benefit from our 45% discount on shipping charges.

Poster Collectiing...

Poster Collecting started in the 1880's and became the rage in France and by 1895 French printers began selling directly to collectors. 2 Well known printers excelled in this, Champenois and Chaix. Jules Cheret was responsible for printing at Chaix where they printed the Maitres De L'Affiche and 4 plates were sent by post every month over a 5 year period to subscribers. Same was true for Champenois where the L'Estampe Moderne 4 plates were sent every month over a period of 2 years. The same famous artists who created our vintage posters of today also contributed to the Journals, magazine and Revues of the epoque. Well known artists like Jules Cheret, Marcello Dudovich, Alfons Mucha and many more created designs that only exist on those covers. Also pages from some of these Journals where the deigns only existed for these pages. To choose a Vintage Poster, browse our website at your leisure in the comfort of your home or office. After you have made your selection, let's talk on the phone or communicate through E-mail. Refer to the references below the images. We'll can send you more mages via E-mail to fit your needs and budget. The posters presented on our website are only some of the posters in our stock. Feel free to ask, via E-mail, for what you are searching for. Another Website where you can find a larger selection of Vintage Posters and larger sized posters is

We welcome Enquiries from collectors who would like to sell posters as well.

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We welcome inquiries from Vintage Poster dealers, museums and auction houses or just private Collectors. We are happy to offer advice and have collectors come back time and again.

We hope you enjoy your visit to our Web site.

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